Florida Concrete Coating

If you are here trying to make a decision on the very best concrete coating products, and which company will treat you the most professionally and with the level of customer service you deserve, please consider that we were trying to make the same decision last year.

We investigated many dealership and franchise opportunities and could have sold the products of any one or more of those companies. Being in the commercial and residential construction industry for many years, we were very discerning and very particular about who we were going to represent. After all, our reputation is also being judged when we install a floor. Fortunately, we found and Eco-CorFlex Industrial Polymers, founded in 1996 and still run by it’s founder Rob Hanson and his amazing crew.

When we began Florida Concrete Coating, we told Rob and his staff that we would only sell the best coatings because we did not want to be returning to customer jobs to fix a failed system. We only want to install the very best, and to date, we have found no better product or company to work with.

All of our installers are trained by Rob’s crews to approach each job and customer with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. This is not only so that the installation of the product is uniform and correct for your particular application, but also so that you experience the same renowned customer service that all of our other customers receive.

Our track record in the construction industry is long and without blemish. Continuing in that tradition, Florida Concrete Coating will always strive to install your floors with the highest degree of quality and continuing customer care. We believe so strongly in our products and service level, that we highly encourage you to shop our competitors and see for yourself who has the best system in the industry.

We believe that an educated decision will make you our customer for life.

Gene Yanovitch

Owner, Florida Concrete Coating LLC