Why Choose Florida Concrete Coating?

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Why choose Florida Concrete Coating?

We only use the very best products on the market. Backed by over 20 years of experience and R&D, Florida Concrete Coating uses only products that fit your floors particular conditions. We welcome you to review our products Technical Data Sheets. Many other companies either do not have TDS or will not provide you with them and have a one system for every floor regardless of your concretes conditions. Read about our products here http://www.eco-corflex.com/technical- data-sheets/

We offer an almost infinite number of colors and options. We blend custom colors and install multiple types of systems. There is always an option for everyone.

Professional installation: All dealers and franchisees are trained extensively both at GarageFloorCoating.com and in their markets installing actual customer floors. All installers are trained exactly the same for uniformity. All installers must receive a certificate from the supplier to install their

We inspect your project in person and determine the best industrial polymers for your particular circumstance. We install epoxies, polyaspartics, polyurethanes, sealers, and stains. Most of the competition installs only one type of coating and tell you that the products they don’t install are inferior. Since our company installs many types of products, we will always install what is best for your particular project to deliver the best, long-lasting floor.

We utilize high-end, concrete moisture meters to check your concrete. Moisture movement is the number 1 reason for coatings failures. This is important in case a moisture mitigation system is needed to keep your floor from peeling. Most of the competition does not own a moisture meter and rolls the dice hoping your floor won’t peel. If we find a situation with excess moisture, we have an inexpensive moisture mitigation system that can solve most issues.

Florida Concrete Coating is fully licensed and insured. We carry full property insurance, worker compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance and additional insurances to protect your property.

The owner, Gene Yanovitch, is a fully licensed, insured, and active Florida Contractor. Additionally, Gene is EPA Lead Certified and is able to work on, and properly document homes built prior to 1978 while following EPA procedures to remove and properly dispose of possible lead-based coatings from the structure.

Florida Concrete Coating does not use day-laborers. We only use employees that are fully trained exactly the same way so that attention to detail is observed and company standards are adhered to. Our customers never have to worry about our employees compromising their safety or property. Our employees like what they do with the main goals being quality and customer satisfaction.

Our manufacturer has been in business since 1996, under the same management, producing products and installing floors in the Phoenix area. They conduct extensive R&D and are constantly coming out with new products as technologies evolve.

Our manufacturer, Eco-Corflex, is also ISO 9001-2015 certified. Which means that all of their processes are detailed, checked, scrutinized and replicated to ensure a uniform, quality product, uniform training for installers, and uniform treatment of all customers.

Our products have zero to low VOCs and is LEEDS certified. We are one of the greenest coating companies in the U.S. But that does not mean we sacrifice quality to be green. We have the strongest products and most environmentally friendly products due to constant R&D.

On the technical side, we nearly always grind our concrete floors instead of acid etching. We grind our floors so that our coatings will grip the floor and to open the pores of the concrete to attain a deep penetration into the floor. We thoroughly clean the floor to achieve maximum adhesion. Any oils, paints and other chemicals are also addressed.

All of our dealers are required to submit financial disclosures before even being considered to become a dealer for Garagefloorcoating.com A dealer has to be financially fit so that the corporation can be assured that a dealer will pay for his supplies. This is important to the customer to avoid the possibility of a lien by suppliers for unpaid bills. Additionally, the corporation also wants to be certain that a dealer has the ability to take care of any warranty issues.

Florida Concrete Coating encourages potential clients to get multiple estimates and research the products of each company. Additionally, read the reviews and Google the owner. We feel that a customer who has done the research will find our systems and customer service of the highest quality.